The PDF pattern for a DIY Rabbit stand is now available on my ETSY shop

It was my first time to create the PDF pattern for DIY stands. It costs just $2.99. For more information about this craft, check out my ETSY listing. Happy Easter! Have fun creating a DIY stand!

(Work in progress) I’m making a PDF Craft Pattern for an Easter Bunny Stand.

Easter Bunny Stand

This time I decided to add a new line of products to my business because I missed sewing fabric projects.  I am now offering PDF Craft Patterns for Book Stands, Phone Stands, and Tablet Stands!  I hope that hobbyists will like my PDF Patterns and see that their finished products will be useful. Stay tuned.  

(Work in progress) Easter Bunny Stand

Easter Bunny Cell Phone Holder

While most of my previous listings are designed for holding books and tablets, I’m making this Easter bunny cell phone stand, because I feel that something is missing from cell phone stands in the market. So, I will write down the three main benefits of my current project once I list it on my ETSY shop soon.

Working on a new project: Creating a PDF craft pattern for the first time.

St Patrick’s Tablet Stand

Because DIY stands are fun for some hobbyists for personal use, I’m aiming to create high-quality PDF craft patterns for both cardboard and wooden stands. I always cover cardboard stands with fabric for protection. Another reason is that because I miss fabric collage, I want to show my new stands covered with fabric collage to those who need stands for different purposes. Creating a high quality PDF pattern needs lots of work. For example, I need to decide how many and which pictures to include in the pattern. I hope to finish this project soon.

My son asked for my two stands – Ionian Style stand and ASL fabric stand for his school project

One day my son came to my office and asked me if he could borrow two stands for his school video project because he needed something to hold his tablet and his script. It turned out that my stands were helpful for him! One holder is wooden in a Greek Ionian style, while the other is fabric with an embroidered message: “I love to read” (with the ASL sign for ILY) books with my parents”.

Our Family Snowman Was Happy to Meet My Two Handcrafted Snowman-themed Stands

What a snowy day! The snowman made by my family in our backyard was not lonely because he was happy to meet my two handcrafted snowman stands. One stand is bigger and is perfect for children’s picture books for kids. Also, it has the ILY (I love you in ASL) sign. I highly recommend it for librarians, teachers, and parents for virtual storytimes and bedtime stories. The other smaller one is designed for phones and tablets and is perfect for video calls. Check out my ETSY shop.…/snowman-stand-snowman-book…and

[Image Description: The head of a woman is poking out from behind a creepy-looking snowman with coals for eyes and mouth, carrot for a nose, and dried hydrangea flowers for hair. The woman is holding a large snowman-themed bookstand to one side, and a small bookstand to the other, also snowman-themed.]

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